Thank You!

Our new video clip for the song Diving is now published for a week and it is time to say thank you to all who participated in this project.
First of all, the director Bastien Simon and set designer Sophie Kieffer. They created this world for our music and working with them in Metz was beautiful and inspiring, and we will never forget.
The two had also a great team around them. There were painters, technicians, actors, photographers for example, but above all, they are great people who have made this experience so special as it is. Most of them are seen on the group photo, and soon we will publish photos of the filming and you can see more of the work and the team.

We also want to thank our sponsors. DEIN Saft, Flora Power, Kölln, Fensch toast, Association Bout D'Essais, Esal Metz, Krystal Restaurant Metz, Agence Immobiliere Raymond Levy, Association Fol, and Super 5.

Thank You DEIN Saft, Dresden.
Thank You Flora Power, Hamburg.